Viking inspired camp hawk hand forged handmade


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This classic style hawk was made with traditional methods, and is tough as nails! The eye and body being resilient 1018 mild steel, is perfectly suited to absorbing all the shock from years of throwing and chopping! The lively 5160 high carbon spring steel cutting bit, is the perfect steel for slicing through targets, and holding that keen edge! This hawk has been fully heat treated and tempered, and is guaranteed to give you that killer look at the Ren faire, or make you the master of chopping kindling in camp! The head has been tightly mounted to a hand carved maple haft, that has been lightly scorched and oiled. This hawk features authentic elk Hyde decorative strip wrap, as well as a full grip wrap.

OAL 20 inches
Head length 5,1/2 inches
Blade length 4,1/2 inches
Edge hardness 57-58rc

All items are handmade and are subject to possible variations in size, shape, and/or color.

The utility offered by this axe is simply astounding! I was able to use it for hammering with good precision, along with hacking smaller pieces of wood down for kindling to make a fire. Although the blade is more designed for war-like purposes, it can still be an effect wood cutter and it’s size is very portable (well within an arm’s length for anyone). The leather gripping is simple, effective and can always be readjusted and done differently if not to your liking without ruining the weapon or needing to scrap the materials you removed. Everything has this simplistic beauty and a utilitarian beauty that I’ve found unmatched in a blacksmith. More importantly, any questions you have they’re always willing to help and answer questions. You’ll never go wrong with Olde Town!

I love it and am extremely satisfied with the craftsmanship. It's a work of art as much as a useful tool. Just the right size, weight and balance. I will be proudly displaying it on my wall as it should be. I will be purchasing more, slowly building my collection of Roy's masterpieces. Roy is truly a master bladesmith. Thank you very much.

So so beautiful!! Second time ordering from this shop, and plan on ordering more! It’s a gift for the boyfriend and he’s going to love it.

Amazing craftsmanship! If you’re thinking or purchasing from Olde Town Smithy, stop thinking and just do it. You won’t regret it!

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